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When you begin to research a new topic, where is the first place you start?

When using the libraries' website to perform research, where is the first place you start and why?

How often do you use the following resources to find information through the OU Libraries' website?
      Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Never Wasn't aware of this service

How important are the following services offered on the libraries' website to your academic life at OU?
      Essential Important Somewhat Important Not important Wasn't aware of this service

Please indicate from what location you are most likely doing research through the libraries’ website.

Which of the following activities do you or would you like to do with a mobile device such as an e-reader, tablet, or smartphone.
      Currently do this Would like to do this I don't want to do this

Which of the following devices do you use? (check all that apply)

How would you like to receive important updates from the libraries such as special events and closing hours?

Do you currently follow the Libraries on social media channels? Please select all that apply.

What online calendaring system do you primarily use?

Please indicate which classification best describes your OU affiliation.

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